We took initiative to start Rooty to help people in the neighborhood and ourselves to life more healthy. At the same time, science has learned us, that one of the best ways we can help the planet is by eating more plant-based diets. And we want to contribute to a better planet. 

Therefore, it was natural for us to start making salads. Based on our Nordic roots, source locally, and pre-dominant plant-based. We do our best to make them taste great, look beautiful, and make sure it is convenient to pick-up the food on your go. We try to make our store a place you want to spend time with your closest - or yourself with a book or your laptop.

In Rooty, we follow eight values that guide our development: 

1. Do good

2. Create world-class products for our guests

3. Never compromise on quality

4. Be a business

5. Grow the team

6. Trust in science

7. Take one for the team

8. Care for the community

If you want to hear more about them, stop by the store and ask - we love to hear how we are doing and what we can learn from you.

"Making you and our planet healthy"


Amagerbrogade 10

2300 København S


+45 8129 2300

INSPIRATION to a healthier lifestyle and world


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