We are a little group of passioned food enthusiasts who want to promote a healthier and more sustainable way of living.


We communicate the message that a healthy and sustainable diet does not have to be troublesome, expensive, or time-consuming. Our surrounding nature is rich with materials that contribute to our local and sustainable eco system.

We want to show that by eating good, you can also do something good – for yourself and for the planet.

That is why we put an effort into serving nutritious meals filled with fibers and vitamins that make you full.

Our salads live up to a series of conditions that we believe are significant and essential. These conditions concern:


We strive to use as many organic materials as possible. This means natural raw materials without pesticides or additives and material produced under circumstances beneficial to the environment, the groundwater, and the animal life.


Food waste
At Rooty, no food goes to waste. All our resources are used to their full potential which means that even the oil we use to poach our chicken is reused after old-fashioned methods.


Our salads are healthy. So are our ingredients. The salads are developed to be rich on nutrition, fibers, vitamins, and energy, and they are served to be delicious, aesthetic and appetizing.


Cosiness and well-being
Eating healthy does not come by itself which is why we want to show that improving your health and well-being through a nutritious diet can also be a cosy and joyful experience. We try to create a free space where sustainable responsibility, healthy living, physical well-being and intimate cosiness go hand in hand.


Rooty is the natural choice. For you. For us. For the environment and for our planet.


Amagerbrogade 10

2300 København S


+45 8129 2300

We are temporarily closed, but look forward to welcoming you again in the new year!

Thanks for 2020! Until next time.